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Welcome to Edinburgh Mental Health

The EMH network is a new initiative launched in 2022 to provide a supportive community for everyone involved in Mental Health research. We have an ongoing mapping exercise of the MH research in Edinburgh and to promote collaboration across the University.

Research Themes

Mental Health and the Community

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The EMH network hopes to bring together mental health research activity in Edinburgh with local knowledge and expertise. 
And EMH will provide support for patient and public involvement, and provide a clear profile to engage with the community and facilitate relationships between researchers and the wider community.

Global Mental Health Research

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The University of Edinburgh has a great depth of research and expertise in areas that are important for understanding global mental health.

EMH hopes to bring together researchers involved in areas such as (but not limited to) geography, cross-cultural mental health, global health, ethics, human rights, stigma, poverty, violence, health inequalities, and cultural heritage, to facilitate collaborations which will create a greater understanding of global mental health.

About Edinburgh Mental Health

Our aim is to develop Edinburgh Mental Health (EMH) as a new University-wide interdisciplinary research network.

The University of Edinburgh is recognised internationally for mental health research. There are many areas of strength including (but not limited to) psychiatry, psychology and clinical psychology, basic and clinical neurosciences, social sciences, public and population health, education, medical anthropology, child development, primary care, child health, mental health informatics, artificial intelligence, social work, geography, cross-cultural mental health, global health, ethics, human rights, stigma, poverty, violence, health inequalities, cultural heritage, arts and the humanities. 
There are few universities within the UK with such a depth and breadth of expertise.

The EMH network hopes to overcome the challenges of bringing together the diverse strengths of these different disciplines across the University.
A major aim of the network is to provide an inclusive University-wide infrastructure to support new collaborations and grant proposals, as well as to demonstrate a clear profile for the public, government, funders and third sector organisations.

We are currently undergoing an exercise to develop a live picture of the mental health research activity in Edinburgh. This will allow us to highlight local knowledge and expertise, and to facilitate new collaborations.
We want to create a live database of researchers listing specific mental health research interests, and linking to the PURE system to identify existing and emerging mental health research.